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Find out if your business meets Fair Work Act requirements ...

Fair Work auditors knock on the doors of businesses just like yours every day. Their visit could result in fines for breaches of the Act, in addition to fines for the individual directors. They could knock on your door next.

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Every day we talk to businesses like yours that are unintentionally breaching specific requirements of the Fair Work or Work Health and Safety Acts, generally through lack of knowledge of the implications of these Acts.

What shocks most business owners we deal with is when we start looking into their employment processes, practices and documentation, many would have failed a Fair Work Audit, resulting in fines for both the business and the directors that could cripple or even shut down their business. Luckily, they spoke to us first.

Additionally, we also specialise in:

  • benchmarking of existing HR processes and procedures and the implementation of ‘best practice’ solutions as required
  • development of Policies and Procedures manuals and associated HR and WH&S documentation
  • assistance with pressing people and organisational issues
  • provision of an ‘outsourced’ HR department
  • on-call HR advice when required

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