An effective business plan, supporting structures and good processes, practices and procedures are no good if your staff, and particularly your management team, cannot deliver because of deficiencies in their knowledge and capabilities.

Is your management team able to deliver the results you require?

We work closely with the Integro Leadership Institute, MAUS and the MAUS Institute for Education and Training, a registered training organisation, to develop and deliver targeted education and training programs for management and staff that result in observable changes in capability and behaviour.

We can:

  • undertake a needs analysis of your staff and management team to identify areas where education and training could benefit them
  • conduct DiSC profiling of the team to identify ways in which they can work more productively together and conduct¬† workshops to achieve this

  • Use DiSC-based development programs to improve leadership and management skills within the organisation, as well as improve internal communications and customer service
  • Tailor and deliver a range of supervisory and soft skills programs to support improved team and individual performance


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