We meet with you to scope the requirement. An HR Audit of your business is then conducted if required to establish a baseline and identify prioritised issues. This is followed by a briefing of your senior management accompanied by a written report, recommending courses of action.
We will then submit an outline discussion paper indicating proposed phases, consulting approach, resourcing, timeframes and indicative costs. A follow up meeting is held to confirm the requirements and agreed solution(s). We will then submit a firm detailed proposal which is discussed with and approved by you.
This involves the review of your existing documentation and the conduct of desktop research. Research of similar organisations will also be undertaken. If required, structured interview formats will be produced, then interviews and focus groups will be conducted of key stakeholders and other significant internal and external information sources.
We will then collate and analyse all of the above data, develop findings and validate these findings with you and your senior staff as appropriate. Steps 3 and 4 may not be required in small or specifically focused assignments.
This involves the finalisation of the required changes or proposed new system, development of the implementation and transition plan. The final report incorporating the proposed solution is prepared and presented to your senior management for sign-off.
All our work is usually done with your staff participating in the solution development and implementation. Selected staff are trained in the new procedures. Workshops are conducted to ensure all staff are familiar with the new procedures and full operating manuals are provided.
Follow up visits then occur to ensure the new procedures are successful, as well as providing ongoing mentoring and coaching of staff to ensure they learn new skills and can manage the new processes.


This methodology is modified and adapted to meet each specific assignment